Sunday, June 15, 2008


Middleware by Jon Oropeza

A column about San Diego

A eulogy of sorts

Writing Middleware was a lot of fun. It was a blog before blogs became popular, a weekly column written by a guy without a weekly column. I know I entertained a few of you. And if I got even just one of you think about or write about San Diego, then Middleware was a success.

In 2008 I helped Abbie Berry start The Creative Cusp. We teach, coach, promote and publish San Diego writers. If you're a San Diego writer, or you write about San Diego, we want to meet you!

I stopped writing Middleware in 2005 to concentrate full-time on writing a novel (full-time writing time, I still maintain a 50 hour / week job in my other life). You can find out all about A Story About San Diego here.

You can read a sample of A Story About San Diego here.

My blog is Poetry, love for the world, miscellany.

I post photos on Flickr and keep a winelog on Corkd.

I tweet on my twitter.

Read old Middleware columns here.

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