Thursday, September 22, 2005

Customer ID Number?

Dear Symantec,

A wise man once told me that the phone rings at any business for 3 reasons -

- Someone wants to give you money.
- Someone wants to take money away.
- Wrong number.

- and while it's a broad generalization, when I call you for support, what I'm really calling for is to give you money, because if you can't/don't help me, the likliehood of me giving you money in the future will be decreased.

"Sir, what is your customer ID number?" is not helping me.

If your contact management system can't handle lookup by company or last name, you need a new CM. Period. Guess what? Building customized CRM packages is what I do. I may be occupied with a full time day job these days, but I have some good contacts in the industry. We can help you.

By the way, if you're going to assign me a customer ID number, you'd better let me pick it. I don't have room in my head OR my Outlook for nine arbitrary digits from the 200+ companies I work with. I could make room, but...

I am a customer. I have a name. It's Jon. If you don't want to call me Jon, you can't have my money.


Your Customer

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