Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I’m amused by the persistence of spheroid issues in these so-futuristic naughties. We’ve shortened the distances between each other but we’re still dealing with the old problem of her being three hours ahead, him being seven hours behind. I’ve gotten the cold bucket of water to my face these last two Wednesdays due to just a few hours; 10:30 is a perfectly reasonable time to have a project meeting, however if that’s 10:30 Iowa time then it’s 8:30 Pac Time which isn’t too horrible until you consider that the two of us who are leading the logistics and systems ends of the project both have our usual Stacks O Stuff waiting for us in the morning which must be attended to right away, man. This morning I woke up at 7:50 and went Oh No, I’ve gotta be at the office by 8:30! – see we’re still small enough of a company to not do regular conference calls and therefore are expected to gather like family in the same room, even when the host of the meeting is in Cornland.

By the time the meeting wraps up, the jackals are lined up outside my door, thirsty for blood. By the time I get the good-morning needs fulfilled it’s eleven and definitely time for breakfast; One delicious Whole Foods salad later though it’s noon and I haven’t even opened my daily task list.

I’ve got a huige braindump coming about organizational strategy and the cold science of How To Get Things Done, one of these days soon -

Today is day one of Chris’ rule as Czar of Event Logistics, as he refers to it – he’s a good kid full of a lust for good natured idiosyncrasies and we hopefully give him a good environment to play in. I’m worried that he’s going to get bogged down in the details – there’s a difference between managing a project and firefighting a project – a great, experienced leader can do both, but sometimes it’s very hard for one person to stay focused on the former when there are fires erupting everywhere. Heather and I are good enough to know when to let him battle the blaze and when to step in with the tanker drops on the inferno – I hope. Chris says he’ll have a project timeline built by tomorrow at 10AM – I think that’s a bit lofty but what the hell, I’d love to see him do it.

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