Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mmm, new Corante blog...

Corante is one of my in-office guilty pleasures. A paper cup of self-brewed green tea and a flip through the latest posts is my Californian, naughties proxy for the old porcelain cup-o-joe and newspaper brought by the shirt-skirted secretary.

It looks like yet another potentially interesting blog has popped up amongst the rolls - Total Experience, mission statement being : "
to identify, critique, and recommend exceptional experience design that’s happening today." Sounds like my kinda meme! If creativity is the ultimate expression of the human soul, then Lawrence (no, not Lawrence - who then? I can literally see the words on a page, some page) was right - the writer should toss lit and instead read mathematics, physics, and design blogs, instruction manuals, whitepapers.

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